We are able to print your logo at any Linen Tester or Pouch, as well as at our Microscopes and electronic Tester. It´s possible to print black, white or any other colour and even tricoloured. With a logo your instrument become a useful merchandising gadget.

Extra charges

Single cost for Reprofilm €13,00 each colour

Here below is a example cost calculation of a possible tampon logo print
for model P3 linen tester:

- single cost for repro film €13,00 / each colour
- print cost 2,32€/St. for quantities >  50 Stck.
- print cost 0,63€/St. for quantities  > 300 Stck.
- print cost 0,44€/St. for quantities > 1000 Stck.*

For call orders above 1000 pcs. we can offer a special stock-keeping service. You can order small quantities on flexible date during the year step by step as soon you need and before you run out of stock.


Optionally we have the possibility to print by digital print finishing. This gives you more flexibility to print logos with more colours or even photographs

We can also offer laser engrave service to raise a logo/name on your linen tester. It´s possible to realise bright or dark. Please do not hesitate to ask for a quaotation.

Discount for bigger quantities only for linen testers (without pad print)

Requests from Reseller and Distributors very welcome!
More information call 06127-5605 or send a message info@milato.de

Modell B mit LOGO
Fadenzähler mit Gravur geschl.
Fadenzähler.Digitaldruck CMYK

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