February 2015

Since last December and after negotiation with our premium supplier, we can now offer two new versions of digital Refractometer. One is a mobile Refractometer, very simple to use, small and very exact. The second version is a high-end Laboratory Refractometer for measuring water content (Brix) of any liquids.

Unfortunately most our suppliers gave us a tiny price increase, but we do not pass a general price increase in 2015 to our customers. We only need to update prices on some less products where we had improvement in quality and production process. Furthermore we have to increase the prices for print and advertising, cause we had a general “minimum wage adjustment” in germany. So it concerns the whole printing industry.

November 2014

We continiously growing in the market and with our updated product range we give an answer to the customers needs. In the age of computer and electronics, we now offer an alternative solutions to the standard magnifiers. With our digital microscopes we have the possibility to transmit realtime magnification to any pc monitor by USB. Thanks to the wireless technology of our MTH-M05001 device we can even transfer the pictures to a Smartphone or Iphone by a free App.

July 2014

We extend our range of products: From now we offer different kind of high quality aluminium watch maker loupes “made in germany”, anodized in standard colours such as blue, red, green and black. Furthermore we now offer folding diamond and jewelery magnifiers with different power.

March 2014

Price adjustment: Our updated prices are valid from 1st March 2014. Due to general price increasing from our suppliers, we have to increase our prices for some Linen Testers in average at 2%. For our Magnifiers, Microscopes, electronical Testers and special Linen Testers we could keep the same price as in 2013. We will reduce the prices of our Refractometer at about 10% by switching to a new supplier.

Oktober 2013

Seit dem 01.10.2013 wird die Firma Milato Import Export unter der neuen Firmierung Milato - Technischer Handel vom neuen Inhaber Markus Bremmer weitergeführt. Frau Milato zieht sich nach 30 Jahren aus dem aktiven Geschäftsleben zurück. Ihre bisherige Ansprechpartnerein Frau Karoline Reinheimer steht Ihnen weiterhin für Rückfragen mit Rat und Tat zur Verfügung.
In diesem Zuge wurde auch der Internetauftritt neu gestaltet. Durch die neue übersichtliche Navigation sollen unsere Kunden in Zukunft noch einfacher über unsere Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Neuigkeiten informiert werden.


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